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Below you will find our standard price list that doesn't include conservatory/porch for most window cleaning jobs that we do. We do cover the whole of Northumbria.
Windows, Frames, Sills & Doors Cleaned Every Time As a Standard.

Our Prices 






ALL quotes include the cleaning of :


1. Window Panes

2. Window frames

3. Window sills 

4. Front & Back door 




You can add cleaning of garage door(s) for +£2 each time


If you have a glass front porch expect to pay a little more, typically £2-£4 

If you have velux windows in roof expect to pay a little more, typically +£2 per window

If you have an extension to your property at rear & have added extra/glass expect to pay a little more, typically +£1 per window


  • Conservatory


Cleaning of a conservatory is not included in the price list above, extra add-on is dependant on the size of the conservatory


Conservatory base glass (below gutter level), frames & sills cleaned every month



The cleaning of a conservatory roof, gutters, finials is a separate job and not included as part of a standard monthly clean.  

An annual clean of conservatory roof is normally sufficient

  • I need to see the conservatory in-person to price, as window size/number of panes/time taken needs to be considered

  • You can choose to have the conservatory cleaned monthly along with your windows, or on an "as & when" required basis, at a higher rate

  • A typical 'standard conservatory' is normally an extra  +£5

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